magna carta luxury fountain pen laminated resin material

Vintage Inspired Laminated Resin For The Mag 600

Magna Carta Inspired from vintage designer pen collections, we proudly introduce the MAG 600 pens, distinguished by in-house laminated resin chips, elegantly complemented by a flexible nib.

Discover our passionately crafted luxury fountain pens

In the illustrious realm of Magna Carta, where luxury fountain pens are not mere tools but narrators of your soul's tales. In our realm, each pen is a protagonist in its own epic, a unique gift for men and women with a taste for the extraordinary.

Our luxury pens are like personal heralds, announcing your presence with elegance and flair. Imagine a pen that dances across the page as gracefully as a ballerina, thanks to our flexible nibs. This is the sophistication you wield with every stroke.

fountain pen nibs

In-house Manufacturing Of Fountain Pen Nibs

At Magna Carta, our in-house manufacturing of fountain pen nibs ensures each piece, from the delicate fine nib to the medium nib and the expressive broad nib, including our sought-after flex nib, is crafted with unmatched precision. Our range extends from resilient steel nibs to luxurious gold nibs, each designed to enhance your writing experience. For those who appreciate the nuanced ballet of pen on paper, the introduction of our flexible nib offers versatility, inviting you to explore new dimensions in creativity. Our exclusive in-house nib manufacturing process ensures every steel nib and gold-plated nib - from the fine no. 6 to the large and robust no. 10 - is crafted to inspire your writing and drawing alike.

magnacartapen ebonite feed

In-house Manufacturing Of Ebonite Feed & Housing

In a world where the pen is mightier than ever, ours stand in a league of their own, thanks to the exceptional quality of our ebonite feed and housing. Crafted with precision and care in-house, these components are the backbone of a writing experience that's as flawless as it is luxurious. The use of ebonite not only underscores our commitment to quality but also ensures a steady, elegant flow of ink that turns writing into a celebration. For those who recognize the power of a well-crafted pen, ours are not just tools but treasures.

fountaun pen raw material magnarc

In-house Raw Material Innovation & Manufacturing

Magna Carta pens are more than writing instruments; they are legacies held in your hand. Our dedication to in-house raw material innovation allows us to present you with creations like no other. Denima brings the unexpected texture of denim micarta to your fingertips, offering a grip on creativity like never before. The Traditions pen, with its cellulose acetate craftsmanship, connects you to the elegance of yesteryears. Meanwhile, the Sapphire pen, a fusion of acrylic and metal, propels you into a world where design knows no bounds. Each pen from Magna Carta is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and uniqueness.

About us

We do not merely make Pens. We make Pens that chart documents, for people whose signatures are collected as autographs. We make Pens that are backed by our family’s reputation, for each piece is crafted to signal your presence.

We make Pens that are used to draft tomorrow’s Charters of Rights, today.

Add one to your collection. There is hope and faith, yet!

Our online pen store is a haven for aficionados of the world's best pens. We cater to those who seek more than just a luxury gift for men or women; we offer a journey into the world of exclusive gift ideas. With every luxury pen, you're not just writing; you're composing symphonies. Imagine gifting an object so exclusive, it becomes a legacy.

The soul of our creations lies in the harmony of design and performance. Whether it's the robust charm of a no. 6 nib or the grandeur of a no. 10 nib, each is a testament to our dedication. Ebonite, a material as enigmatic as the night sky, lends our pens an unmatched grace through our ebonite feeds. "What is ebonite?" you ask. Ah, it's the heart of our most cherished creations. Each ebonite pen in our ensemble promises a tale waiting to be told, a unique pen for those who relish in the luxury of written words.

Venture into our fountain pen store, a treasure trove where every pen is a masterpiece waiting to begin its journey with you. From the regal elegance of executive pens to the timeless beauty of our pen collections and inkwell sets, we cater to the connoisseur in you.

Embrace the pinnacle of craftsmanship with our most expensive pens, each a luxury gift echoing the refined tastes of opera's grand stages and the artful precision of ballet. With options ranging from metal pens to resin pens, and features like flexible nibs and engraved nibs, Magna Carta stands as one of the best fountain pen brands, a title we wear with pride. Welcome to the Magna Carta family, where each pen is a journey, each word a legacy.