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Mag 1000 - Resin

Mag 1000 - Resin

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Mag 1000 - Luxury Fountain Pen

Luxury Fountain Pen With Flex Nib

Elevate your writing with our Sunset Resin MAG 1000. Its timeless alluring colours suggest warmth, tranquillity, and the passage of time, symbolizing change, reflection, and the beauty of impermanence

Capture every moment, every idea, with our Twilight Resin MAG 1000. More than just a writing instrument, it's a cherished keepsake of memories. Twilight colours suggest transition, mystery, and tranquillity, symbolizing the beauty of endings and beginnings with grace and elegance.

Experience the extravagance of writing with the Mag 1000 luxury fountain pen. Crafted with Precious Resin in the vivid styles of Sunset and Twilight with 24K PVD gold plating detailing, the Mag 1000 has a timeless and sophisticated design. A no. 10 nib by Magna Carta ensures an effortless writing experience, available in Fine, Medium, and Broad. This premium pen is sure to impress with its perfect balance, grip diameter of 14mm, and 159mm length. The perfect writing companion for discerning fountain pen connoisseurs.

  • Cap Diameter - 18.40mm
  • Barrel Diameter - 16.75mm
  • Section Gripping Diameter  - 14.00mm
  • Length - 159.00mm
  • Material - Precious Resin
  • Trim - 24K PVD Gold Plated
  • Nib # 10 Magna Carta - Fine, Medium and Broad
  • Ebonite Feed Housing
  • Cartridge / Converter


Five Years Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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Embark on a journey of writing elegance with the Mag 1000, a symbol of luxury and precision in the world of fountain pens. This exquisite piece, crafted from the finest Ebonite and adorned with 24K PVD gold plating, is not just a pen—it's a testament to timeless design and artisan craftsmanship.

Designed for the discerning connoisseur, the Mag 1000 boasts a no. 10 nib, available in Fine, Medium, and Broad options, ensuring an effortless writing experience that caters to your unique style. Whether you're drafting professional documents or penning personal letters, this pen delivers precision writing with every stroke.

The perfect balance and a grip diameter of 14mm make the Mag 1000 a pleasure to hold, offering comfort that complements its sophisticated aesthetic. Its length of 159mm ensures it's a substantial, yet elegant writing tool that feels right at home in your hand.

For collectors and enthusiasts alike, the Mag 1000 is more than a writing instrument; it's a luxury writing experience. Its premium fountain pen status is underscored by its high-quality fountain pen craftsmanship, making it a coveted piece for any collection.

This executive fountain pen is an ideal gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life, including the luxury of fine penmanship. Its luxurious ink flow and precision nib make it a signature fountain pen that stands out in any setting.

The Mag 1000 is not merely a pen; it's a piece of art. Its elegant pen design and exquisite fountain pen qualities make it a prestigious writing tool that embodies the mastery of writing. Each pen is like a bespoke creation, reflecting the individuality of its owner.

Distinguished fountain pen enthusiasts will appreciate the seamless blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern luxury. The Mag 1000's ebonite feed housing and versatile cartridge/converter system promise a writing experience that's as reliable as it is refined.

As a flagship offering from Magna Carta, the Mag 1000 represents the pinnacle of penmanship luxury. It invites you to experience writing pleasure like never before, with a sophisticated writing experience that is unparalleled.

This elegant fountain pen is a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence, offering a great fountain pen experience that is both luxurious and personal. Whether for yourself or as a premium pen gift, the Mag 1000 is a symbol of elegance, making it the perfect choice for anyone who values the art of writing.

In a world where the pen is mightier than the sword, the Mag 1000 is your armor in the boardroom, the study, or the quiet café corner. It's not just about writing—it's about making a statement. With Magna Carta, you're not just choosing a pen; you're choosing a legacy. Welcome to the pinnacle of writing elegance, where every word penned is a step into a legacy of luxury. The Mag 1000 awaits to be your companion in this journey of sophistication and style.

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