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Magneye fountain pen

  • Made from Precious Resin
  • Cap mechanism: Threaded
  • Filling Mechanism: Cartridge, Converter, Eye dropper - International standard
  • Trim -: Rhodium plated
  • Nib # 8 Steel
  • Feed - Housing: Ebonite

The Magneye is critically acclaimed!

Review by SbreBrown


Five Years Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

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Magneye - A Luxurious Symphony of Colors & Fine Craftsmanship

Discover the mesmerizing allure of Magnacartapen's Magneye luxury pen collection, a symphony of colors and craftsmanship that celebrates the art of writing. As a passionate connoisseur, you'll appreciate the intricate details, vibrant hues, and luxurious materials that make these fountain pens truly exceptional.

The Crimson pen captivates with its deep red crystalline pattern, invoking a sense of passion and intensity. Cerulean enchants with its subtle blend of light blue and purple accents, creating a serene, dreamy atmosphere. Sapphire embodies the depth and sophistication of the deep blue sea, its crystalline pattern shining like the midnight sky.

Each pen in the Magneye collection features a threaded cap mechanism, cartridge/converter/eyedropper international standard filling systems, rhodium plating, and a No. 8 stainless steel nib. Precious resin construction and an ebonite feed-housing ensure a smooth, unparalleled writing experience.

Elevate your penmanship to new heights with Magnacartapen's Magneye collection. Unleash your creativity and let your words flow with grace and elegance. Explore the Magneye collection today and find your ultimate writing companion.

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